Our Support is Solid and Growing!


We’ve done it again! South African Friends of Israel (SAFI) successfully hosted the annual National Conferences, this past week. Three #SAFI18 conferences took place in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg, seeing over 1500 delegates of Christian and political leaders, from all denominations. His Excellency, Ambassador Lior Keinan, and Chief Rabbi Dr Warren Goldstein, were in attendance, and addressed the attentive audience. 

With the theme of “Bringing Israel to Africa”, enthusiastic audiences welcomed the international guest speakers, and panelists. The attendees sat in awe as they listened with intent to what was being shared. 

A positive partnership between two democratic countries (South Africa and Israel) was the focus of this conference. And each of the keynote speakers and panelists covered the topic from a different perspective, be it biblically, factually or through the importance and necessity technologies (water, solar, agricultural).

 Rabbi Carlos Tapiero (Deputy Director General and Director of Education: Maccabi World Union), from Argentina, charismatically spoke to the audience from a biblical perspective, reiterating the Holy Christian ties to Israel, and those that bless Israel will be blessed, and those that curse Israel, will be cursed. As he raised the Holy Bible, the attendees applauded in support. Keynote speaker, Ben-Dror Yemini (author, and journalist), from Israel, spoke about the industry of lies in the media, with the focus on real facts and the sensationalism of opinions without real evidence. Panelist, Dr Ethel Zulu-Mokwele (founder and MD of Hope Nutrition), from SA, recently returned from an AgriTech conference in Israel, and shared the importance of Israeli know-how and technologies. She highlighted the importance of collaboration with Israel, to the farming industries and food security in South Africa. International Speaker, Sivan Ya’ari (Founder and CEO of Innovation Africa) from New York, addressed the audiences, sharing how they continue to give solar, agricultural and water technologies to African villages, through the use of Israeli technologies, helping 1 million people (to date). 

The list of speakers and panelists continues. With, Yair Fraiman (Senior Director of Public Affairs: Ministry of Strategic Affairs and Public Diplomacy), Marc Lubner (Chairman of SA Israel Chamber of Commerce), Apostle Mpho Mosoeu (Founding member of Agape Family Church), Pastor Joseph Khoza (Senior Pastor: Reconciliation with Christ Ministry) And Archbishop Professor Mbulelo Michael Mvubu  (President: Council of Churches South Africa International) 

The resounding accomplishment of these events was met with great pride and support for Israel. Their reassuring encouragement is a reminder that Israel has an exponentially growing support base, and that a partnership between our beloved South Africa and Israel, is for the great benefit of our economy, productivity, GDP and the well being of it’s people.

It is time for South Africa and Israel to strengthen their ties. Israel is willing, and South Africa is in need.   

A sincere thanks to our partners, Maccabi World Union, Elal and Pureau Water, for their collaboration in making this a success.

Ben Swartz and Mark Hyman

Co- Chairman – SA Friends of Israel.

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