The Zion Christian Church Announces Peace Mission to Israel 

The leadership of the Zion Christian Church and his Grace  Bishop Dr Barnabas Lekganyane is pleased to announce the commencement of the ZCC Peace Mission to Israel. 

The mission will primarily be focused on engaging and nourishing the spiritual life of the church and its Christian heritage. 

Much time will be spent in prayer at holy sites in communion with communion with God. 

As is well known amongst believers there are many blessings that flow from an immersion with the Holy Land. 

At this time our own beloved country is in desperate need of many blessings such as rain, peace, prosperity and stability. The church will as part of its mission pray for the well being of our country. 

It will also meet with organisations and individuals with knowledge and expertise that Israel is famous for, including the fields of Water, Sustainable Energy, Education and Agriculture that can help develop our nation and people. 

The Zion Christian Church reiterates the point that it is a church that is above politics. 

His grace Bishop Dr Barnabas Lekganyane spreads the word of peace wherever he goes. 

He will be in the course of his tour meeting with the various peoples of the region and their leadership, including President Rueven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat. 

He will use the opportunity to convey a message of dialogue and continued engagement between Israelis, Arabs and South Africans and continued efforts for peace and stability in the world.



God Bless South Africa 

RELEASED BY Reverend Emmanuel Motollo

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