South African Jews mourn passing of “devoted courageous friend” Moses Moyo 

The South African Jewish community is shocked and grieved by the untimely passing last night of Moses Moyo. A social and political activist, Moyo was a devoted, courageous friend of the Jewish community and a staunch, principled defender of Israel. Side by side with the Jewish leadership, he campaigned tirelessly against attempts to defame and delegitimize the Jewish State and calls for South Africa to break off ties with it.  

Moyo’s achievements in the journalistic field, particularly among inner city residents in the Johannesburg CBD, and his staunch commitment to community activism and human rights.

Wendy Kahn, National Director of the South African Jewish Board of Deputies (SAJBD), described Moyo as a great friend of SA Jewry someone whose  unrelenting energy, political acumen and strategic vision had brought a whole new dimension to the ongoing battle against anti-Israel prejudice and disinformation in SA society.  

 “Moses selfless, passionate about assisting us and those around him” she said.  particularly among inner city residents in the Johannesburg CBD, and his staunch commitment to community activism and human rights.

Ben Swartz, National Chairman of the SA Zionist Federation (SAZF), commented that Moyo had been “absolutely fearlessness when it came to confronting the enemies of Israel in South Africa”, and had given him and his colleagues enormous insights in how to understand their role in South African society. 

“For anyone involved with Jewish communal affairs, Moses was a constant feature in their lives. He visited Israel on several occasions, doing work supporting the cause of Zionism. Moses coupled his support with an infectious enthusiasm, a sunny disposition and an innate kindness that made an impression on everyone he met” he said.

 Speaking on behalf of the SA Friends of Israel (SAFI), Gavi Sacks commented that Moyo had been more than just a colleague, but like a brother, one who unhesitatingly put his time, skills and resources at the disposal of those working to ensure the well-being of the Jewish community and in particular its deeply felt religious and cultural ties with Israel. 

To honour Moses Moyo’s memory, the SAZF, SAJBD, SAFI and other organisations that had worked with him intend establishing an educational trust fund for his young children.  Through this fund, our community can in a meaningful, enduring way thank and pay tribute to this selfless friend of the Jewish people, and all contributions will be most welcome. Please send donations to: SAJBD, Standard Bank Killarney, Account No. 200305190, Ref. ‘Moses Moyo’. Once we have set up a proper structure, we will transfer the funds. 

We extend our sincerest condolences to Moses’ family. May he rest in peace and may all those who knew and loved him take comfort from the wonderful man that he was.