Judge Ezra Goldstein, began practising as an advocate of what was then known as the Supreme Court of South Africa in 1967. 

In 1982, he was appointed senior counsel, and in 1987, became a judge of that Court. 

He retired as a judge in 2008 and have since practised as an arbitrator. For 50 years, he has been intimately concerned with litigation involving a great variety of cases, including those of murder, fraud, corruption, divorce and contractual, corporate, delictual and labour disputes of all kinds.

Litigation involves essentially two enquiries: 

What is the law and what is the truth about the facts in dispute? 

In virtually every case, the facts and the search for the truth are much more complicated and difficult than the law. 

After studying and painstakingly analysing factual disputes for 50 years, Judge Goldstein has become much more of a mechanic of fact – a mechanic of establishing the truth – than a mechanic of the law.

He has applied the expertise of my lifelong experience in analysing facts and assessing truth to two central questions: does G-d exist and is the Torah - the Five Books of Moses- true?

Judge Goldstein says “Much has been written on these two questions, and I do not intend repeating at length arguments which are well known and have assisted me in reaching my conclusion. I have restricted the insights which follow to those I believe to be substantially original. Each insight has a title, designed to convey the essential point made, and therefore quite long. Each insight is brief because the truth can often be told briefly and simply.” 

The Verdict consisting mainly of 15 very brief but profound and interesting insights on these important questions. 

The Verdict by Judge Ezra Goldstein can be viewed and downloaded free of charge on www.theverdict.co.za   

Judge Goldstein speaks on ChaiFM (101.9) on Wednesday mornings at 8:15am on The Verdict and there is a podcast if you miss it.

“Bring ideas in and entertain them royally, for one of them may be the king.”
  - Mark Van Doren