Dear Friends of Israel, 

We call on you to support Councilor MMC Dr. Mpho Phalatse 

Cllr MMC, Dr. Mpho Phalatse, was invited to speak at the South African Friends of Israel’s Annual Conference, which took place on Sunday 10 June 2018, to bring welcome from the city of Johannesburg. 

During her welcome speech, she reiterated her support for the State of Israel, and that the city of Johannesburg was a friend of Israel too. 

Unsurprisingly, the EFF and the ANC issued damning statements, citing that they wouldn’t let the budget pass, if the Mayor of Johannesburg, Herman Mashaba, did not fire the MMC for her remarks. 

In his address at the City Council, this morning (12 June 2018), Mayor Mashaba confirmed that although he has no problem with those that support Israel, it is not within the Johannesburg City Policy to make such a statement in a public forum. Therefore, a decision was made to suspend the MMC. 

This suspension is a clear attack on our Christian community and our devoted support for Israel in South Africa, and this decision is simply bowing to the typical threats made by the EFF. 

For Zion’s sake, we must not remain silent! We ask that you please read the below statement, in support of MMC Phalatse. And if you agree, please respond with your name, position and community to 

We thank you for your continued support of the Holy Land. Let us show our support to MMC Mpho Phalatse. 

We stand with Israel! We support MMC Mpho Phalatse

We, as the Christian leaders of all denominations, who attended the recent South African Friends of Israel, strongly reaffirm that the Holy Land of Israel is an inextricable part of Christianity, and as Christians, we are connected to the history and future of Israel.

We are firm in our unwavering belief that those who wish to cut ties with Israel and harm it, are not only harming  South Africa, but are also harming the rights and interests of Christians in South Africa, further highlighting that they are not in favour of finding a peaceful solution. We take extreme exception at attempts to bully public officials such as MMC Mpho Phalatse by the EFF and the ANC, for being a friend of Israel.

Although, we have been the silent majority of South Africans, for Zion’s sake, we will no longer be silent and will openly oppose those trying to prevent good and positive relations with Israel. We believe that blessings come from supporting and praising the Holy Land, and in South Africa, we need many blessings.  Those that bless Israel, will be blessed. Those that curse Israel, will be cursed.

We hereby call on the City of Johannesburg to immediately reinstate the MMC Mpho Phalatse to her post and bring blessings once again to our beloved city.