Dear Friends of Israel,

 As is being extensively covered by local and international media, Israel is under attack. 

The increase in violence and incitement at the Israel / Gaza border has resulted in the loss of civilian life which is devastating but could have been prevented if the Palestinian leadership (HAMAS) had valued life instead of fueling violence. 

This message was sent out by leaders to the protestors:  “The demonstrators are requested to please act in accordance with the demand to bring a knife or a gun and to hide them under their clothes and not to use them except to capture soldiers or residence of Israel” 

Israel is a sovereign state and has the right to protect itself and its citizens, like any other country yet the South African media is playing into this, by showing their bias and ignorance of the real facts. 

We would like to arm you with more information, and our friends at BICOM (Britain Israel Communications and Research Centre) have put together a brief, which will shed some light on what is happening on the ground. - this also includes a PDF of the full briefing. 

Further to the outbreak at the border, the SA ambassador in Israel has temporarily been recalled, with certain key players at the ANC citing that the conflict is solely coming from Israel.  We believe this is the worst possible way to achieve an end to this conflict. 

We are saddened by this act that clearly shows South Africa standing with one side instead of using their report with Hamas and the Palestinian leadership to urge them to deflate the violence and start a process of negotiation. 

As Nelson Mandela said “I cannot conceive of Israel’s withdrawing if Arab states do not recognize Israel with secure borders” 

With the above in mind, we would like to call on all our friends to raise your voice and speak the truth to those who don’t understand – you can call into radio stations, respond on social media or write letters to editors that publish bias articles. 

Let’s pray for a peaceful end to this horrible conflict soon.  

Gavi Sacks

SAFI – Director 


Additional information 

Today's media are using the new argument of "proportionate responses" to bash Israel. 

It is fact that yesterday's Gaza border protest was called for by Hamas as a violent attempt to breach the border and kill as many Israeli’s as possible. There is video-proof, (so If they deny, they are lying.) 

People SHOULD protect themselves from violent attacks. If they disagree, they are supporting successful terrorist attacks. 

It is fact that the protesters are using human-shields as their only shield to Israel's rightful defense, to incur casualties as a means to self-defense. Hamas encourage and fund this. Can provide proof, so...If they deny this, they are lying. 

It is fact that Israel are taking huge efforts to pre-emptively stop people from protesting all together (flyers, loud-speakers at borders, non-lethal defensive methods etc). Can provide proof, so...If they deny this, they are lying. 

The goal of self-defense must be absolute. NOT proportionate. Defense is a human-right. If you deny Israel of this right, you are supporting murder and terrorism. 

The idea of a "disproportionate response" is a PC way of saying "not enough Israelis died to justify self-defense". No political or religious view can justly support that. 

Given the above, and, seeing as Israel is the only Jewish homeland, complaining about disproportionate response from Israel is a round about way of saying "why don't you Jews line up and die like you always did!"...and that's pretty strong anti-Semitism from someone who clearly doesn't give a shit about the 33,000 Syrians recently murdered in a far more important conflict.