The time has come to respond and fight back for Israel

Today, staggering numbers lack a solid understanding of Israel, its history, and its challenges. Anti-Israel rhetoric and anti-Jewish sentiment are becoming commonplace and tolerated across social media, mainstream media and on college campuses.

SAFI’s activities are based on the premise that the future of Israel and the Jewish people relies on Israel education and with people who can stand with Israel.


We must think differently, look at things in a different way. Peace requires a world of new concepts, new definitions. 

Yitzhak Rabin 


Educating people of all faiths, cultures and ethnic groups in South Africa and across the African continent about Israel.


The Main objectives of the South African Friends of Israel are:

Advocacy and Outreach:

  • SAFI has created numerous advocacy and outreach programmes designed to extend a branch of peace to the different members of the melting pot that is South Africa These include but are not limited to:
  • The annual Israel conference.
  • Solidarity rallies and meetings.
  • Educational tours to Israel where meetings are arranged with Israeli and Palestinian leaders.


Unfortunately those that stand against Israel have made it their duty to spread misinformation and lies about Israel. This has blatantly affected and harmed the South African and African community as we are missing out on miracle innovations in the fields of Agriculture, Medicine and Education. Fortunately SAFI’s educational branch has been tasked with the highly important task of creating and supplying well thought out, relevant and truthful educational content about Israel to reintroduce the continent and the country to a healthy, balanced and truthful view of what and who Israel really is.  


SAFI has been highly instrumental in a lot of charity work across South Africa In the donation of bursaries, clinics, supplying agricultural training and tools as well as revolutionising the health and education centres in KZN.

SAFI through its works, education and dedication has managed to cultivate many solid and healthy relationships with the South African Christian, Hindu, Italian, Portuguese and Hellenic communities all of whom are ready to engage and benefit from a relationship with Israel.