Education & training

The goal of SAFI’s education portfolio is to create informative and relevant content about Israel.
By creating a source that provides credible and reliable information about issues affecting the Middle East, we can counter the loud voices who seek to destroy Israel in the eyes of the world.
But it’s not just about defending Israel against her attackers, it’s also about harnessing Israel’s remarkable technological and intellectual innovations for the betterment of all. 

We continue to bring both local and international speakers to educate, inspire and motivate our supporters. 


Discover Israel Education Programme

We invite you take a journey with us  once more to educate believers of all walks of life about the fulfillment of prophecies regarding the restoration of Zion and controversy which erupted from it. Zion since its rebirth has experienced challenges but the goodwill and faithful love of our Lord who is their shepherd has never deserted them.

We believe the church needs to be alive to the beauty and the controversy surrounding the holy land today as indeed it is the home and foundation of the Christian faith. We owe it to believers who can’t afford to go to Israel to bring it to them through visuals; we hope it will reaffirm their faith in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The holy one of Zion.

Through this education program we hope to partner with your church and other organizations which may have interest in spreading the good news of the faithfulness of our God while also advocating the message of peace, we also hope that our relationship will be built by knowledge sharing and mutual empowerment.

The program consists of 6 modules and each may take 2 hours maximum to facilitate however you are welcome to meet with us to decide on which modules will be most applicable to your congregation as we value your input to make this program effective. 


Forever Israel Informal Education Programmes 


We have partnered with Jerusalem U on providing South Africa with the latest Israel educational program. We selected leaders from around South Africa, and provided the training necessary to enable them to become Ambassadors for Israel.

These trainers will continue advocacy work in their communities and spread the truth about Israel.

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Understand Israel’s history, politics, geography and sociology in an exciting and interactive way by taking part in these exceptional film-based programmes.

This course provides education on the fundamental issues concerning the State of Israel, exploring its unique challenges, accomplishments, and values. 

The first pilot programme was recently launched and was a huge success. To view the course programme, please go to our resources page for more information. 


Community Relations


 Shembe Trip

Shembe leadership was taken on a fact finding trip to Israel. They found the Holy Land to be a place of great spirituality that allowed the Bishop and his community to gain  a greater understanding of the conflict as well as the  realise the truth behind a diverse and democratic Israel.


Parliamentarian tour

5 opposition leaders embarked on a fact finding trip to Israel, where almost immediately it became apparent that the perception that they had before they left was not the reality on the ground. Upon their return the politicians were able to give an accurate picture of the conflict and spread the truth within the political arena.

Community relations: Portuguese, Hindu, Greek, Italian, African Diaspora Forum etc.

SAFi consistently endeavours to engage with different communities within South Africa and continues to find many friends and supporters around the country. We feel that the interaction and unity with all communities is valuable for the unwaivering support for Israel.