Farewell Message from SAFI Director Dr Gavi Sacks

Dear Friends of Israel

It has been almost a decade in which our communities have been uniting to protect our shared Biblical values and spiritual connection to Israel. Many of you have become brothers and sisters to me after our travels to the Holy Land, “Discover Israel” educational courses, interfaith events, skills development workshops, marches and even trade and industry projects with agricultural and high tech companies in Israel. With your support, we have united in protecting our freedom of religion here in South Africa.
It has been my greatest honor to have worked and served the Jewish community in establishing a fruitful relationship with the Christian faith. Along my journey, I have met so many amazing people steeped in Biblical morals that have tirelessly worked to protect our shared Biblical values that recognise both Israel’s right to exist as well as in safeguarding the heritage of our patriarchs and prophets. 
It has been an incredible journey meeting with Christian minds that embrace the importance of bridging the divide between the Christian and Jewish community. I believe that we are living in the times of the Messiah and now more than ever before it is important to display a love and understanding between our faiths speaking out for the eternal values of the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob here in South Africa. 


It is with a sad heart that I leave my position at South African Friends of Israel but the value I have gained from Christians across Southern Africa will remain with me for a lifetime. When we come together to support Israel’s right to exists we highlight the indelible words of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel’s and many other prophets that speak of a Biblical responsibility to support Israel. In my absence, SAFI will continue to operate well into the future. For all future endeavors with SAFI please contact Beauty Buthelezi at [email protected] 
As someone from the Ultra-Orthodox Jewish community that recognises the importance of standing on Biblical morals and values, I can attest to the beauty of Christianity and the willingness to work together with our family grafted into the olive branch recognising our everlasting and inalienable rights to freedom of religion here in South Africa.
It has been an honor and a privilege to meet with the leaders of the Christian world and to embark on a journey to walk the land of our forefathers identifying the Bible and G-d as a living Bible and G-d.
All the promises made in our Bible recognise that our G-d will not change and this his word is eternal and can never be changed to suit the agenda of people that would rewrite history to remove our indigenous connection to both our religion and our G-d given land.
I hope that the Jewish and Christian communities will remain friends long into the future relying on our Bible as the basis for our love of one another.
I wish you all great success, health and abundance and I hope that Peace can hastily embrace our communities as the Bible explains “No weapon fashioned against you shall prosper” and we shall merit the coming of the Messiah.
G-d bless!

Dr Gavi Sacks
National Director
South African Friends of Israel