SA Friends of Israel continues to build a network of friends by Gavi Sacks

Since 2009 SAFI has been building local support for Israel from influential religious, political, and business leaders across South Africa. In the past, we have hosted large gatherings of leaders at SAFI Conferences and Interfaith events to identify common values and customs, a shared Biblical heritage to Israel, and heard from world-renowned speakers on how to combat anti-Semitism globally. 

During the pandemic, we have realised the importance of uniting in prayer and so we have hosted the “Psalms of Unity” which united religious leaders in South Africa and Israel in praying for the wellbeing of our people and beloved countries. 

SAFI has provided food parcels, clothing, masks, beds, and hand sanitizers to Churches, orphanages, and disabled homes in Gauteng and Cape Town including support that went to King Thulare of the Bapedi Kingdom. We have partnered with the Angel Network, Cadena, and the SAJBD in this project to feed over 2500 families. 

We look forward to hosting Israel educational content on our website and offering prizes to those that receive the highest marks. The content will include short movies on our Biblical connection and Historical creation of the State of Israel, Israeli Technology and innovation, and Israeli culture.  

Today more than ever before science is proving Biblical accounts through archaeology. We look forward to hosting a leading archaeologist to pinpoint Judeo-Christian indigenous connections to Israel. We will also be speaking with a thought leader from the Derek Prince Ministries to argue against Replacement Theology (An ideology that wishes to remove Israel from the Bible and deny a Jewish connection to the Holy Land). 

During the pandemic, you can connect with SAFI through the Israel @ Home campaign that keeps our constituents informed about and connected to Israel with amazing speakers, topics, and events.

Together we are stronger so let's continue to - “Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem; they shall prosper that love thee” - Psalm 122:6. 

Gavi Sacks
Director, SAFI

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