South African Friends of Israel continues to reach out and educate communities from across Southern Africa about our shared Biblical connection to Israel. The SAFI Discover Israel Caravan began in 2019 and the first city that was offered training was Cape Town where we hosted 180 influential Christian leaders from 20 Churches at training seminars that will empower leaders to argue the case for Israel. The Caravan looks forward to providing courses in Durban, P.E., Bloemfontein, Mpumalanga, and Gauteng. Our Facebook page has 110 000 followers who are sharing our messages and provide support for Israel through social media. SAFI has also taken to the airwaves of Chai FM showcasing the growing support base for Israel here in South Africa and provides insight as to why the Church is partnering with Judaism and Israel.

SAFI is also involved in educating our students on campus to respond to Israel Apartheid Week and to link them with religious groups on campus to build coalitions in support of Israel.